Gravion 05 Jun.

The year is now 2041 AD. A new enemy called Zeravire suddenly appears in the solar system, destroying all military installations it comes across.

Gravion Zwei 05 Jun.

After Gravion was able to use its ultimate attack, the Zeravire threat seemed to have temporary stopped.

Haganai Next 09 Jun.

 The Neighbor's Club—a club founded for the purpose of making friends, where misfortunate boys and girls with few friends live out their regrettable lives.

Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite 18 Aug.

After his mother passes away, Taro Hanaukyo is invited to his grandfather's home.

Hand Maid May 12 Jun.

Saotome Kazuya is a computer whiz. One day his friend Nanbara, threatens him with a computer virus. Trying to stop the virus, Kazuya ends up making a special order.

Hand Maid May Special 19 Sep.

Special episode

Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties 30 Nov.

Hayate, Nagi and the rest continue to live in their inferior mansion together, and madness abounds as usual.

Ladies versus Butlers! 16 Oct.

Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was small and was adopted into his uncle's family.

Mahoromatic - Automatic Maiden 09 Sep.

Vesper is a secret agency fighting an army of alien invaders by using super-powerful battle androids.

Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful 09 Sep.

As the relationship between Mahoro, Suguru and his classmates develops further, another android girl enters their lives and becomes attached to Mahoro.

Maid Sama! 29 May.

Being the first female student council president isn't easy, especially when your school just transitioned from an all boys high school to a co-ed one.

Maid-Sama! It's an Extra! 30 May.

Extra episode included in Blu-ray and DVD volume 10, entitled "Omake dayo (It's an extra!)".

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid 02 Feb.

Kobayashi lives alone in an apartment, until one day, Tooru appeared and they ended up living together.

Mouse 16 Sep.

Teacher Sorata Muon carries on his family’s centuries-old old tradition of being the master thief Mouse who can steal anything after properly alerting authorities of his intentions so they can be t

My Otome 11 Sep.

Arika Yumemiya has traveled far in search of her goal: the prestigious Gualderobe Academy.

My Otome: Zwei 11 Sep.

One year after the events of Mai-Otome, an asteroid on a collision course with Windbloom kingdom is destroyed—barely—by an international task force of Meister Otome.

Princess Resurrection 16 Sep.

When Hiro Hiyorimi tries to save a beautiful young woman from certain death, he ends up a dead hero himself!

Steel Angel Kurumi 03 Jul.

During Japan's Taisho Era (1912-1926), a scientist named Ayanokoji developed the Steel Angel - an artificial humanoid with superhuman physical abilities.

UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie 03 Oct.

UFO Princess Warukyure, aka UFO Princess Walkyrie is about a princess from outer space who accidentally crashes on earth, where Kazuto desperately tries to maintain the public bath of his grandfath

UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie Recap 14 Jan.

A 45-minute recap episode of the first season, narrated by Sanada-san.

UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie Special 14 Jan.

The queen of planet Valhalla arrives on Earth with a virtual-world-program, called "bride training boot camp".