Mount Osore

This mountain's identity is stuck somewhere between a nightmare and a scenic tourist attraction

The site is smelly. The attractions are morbid. And strangest of all, this cursed little slice of heaven is very popular with the locals.

Mount Osore is said to mark the entrance of hell.

It's not hard to see why. The area is very sulphuric, which causes a disturbing odor to hang stiffly in the air. Blind mediums mill the grounds claiming to speak to the dead. And for whatever reason, tourists love to drop by for a visit.

In reality, many of the visitors are not simple tourists, but rather grieving survivors who have come to this alleged bridge to the afterlife to mourn dead children. It's common for the mourners to leave pinwheels and snacks for the children they honor.

Of course, tourists visit as well. Various monuments, mausoleums and statues mark the area, for better or worse, as a mystical location with various spiritual powers and insights. A nearby Buddhist temple also allows the very dedicated to worship at the gates of hell.