JustAnime 2016 Site Awards

Vote For Your Favorite Members Now!

Vote now in the 2016 site awards! We are voting for people in different fields and awarding members and staff alike for their extraordinary contributions to the community.

Here's how it works:

Copy the below list and place a forum members name, whoever you think fits best, next to each category.
Send your votes to @JAN Admin and they will be reviewed by staff.
The votes will be tallied throughout the month. One vote equals one point.
The top 3 people (and a 4th place honorable mention) in each category will be recognized by the entire community for their contributions

Here's the list that we are recognizing this year. Try your best to fill out all of them. You may leave selections blank if you are unsure who to vote for.

Click here to read more: https://justanimeforum.net/threads/justanime-2016-site-awards.13204