JustAnime Cosplay / Costume Contest

Post Your Cosplay or Halloween Costumes!​

JustAnime is proud to present another cosplay/costume contest!

The winner of this event will win a random anime item of the admin's choice!​

You may submit as many costumes/cosplays as you wish.
They may be from this year or any previous year.
Images may be general cosplaying or Halloween costumes.
You may submit images of yourself or any family member (brothers, sisters, cousins kids etc)
Staff will decide the winner by voting.
Entries are due no later than November 1st.
In order for a prize to be rewarded for this event there needs to be a minimum of 3 participants.

Click here to read more: https://justanimeforum.net/threads/justanime-cosplay-costume-contest.12360/