JustDubs Drawing Event 2016

Share your art with us!

Do you have a creative or artistic spirit? Do you enjoy drawing or sketching? Or just have a passion for image manipulation in Photoshop? JustDubs is having our first event of the year!

Submit as many images as you want! They will all be added to our imagery section!

From now until Feb 1st we will be taking submissions including hand drawn art, images created with software such as Photoshop and images simply edited to look better.

You can submit any kind of image you wish. It doesn't have to be anime related.

The submissions will be divided into two categories, hand drawn and software created. On Feb 1st the staff will vote on the images and declare a winner from both categories a few days after that. This is to populate our imagery section on the website so you are encouraged to enter multiple images. Every image submitted will be featured in our JustDubs Imagery section in order to showcase JustDubs's artistic spirit!

To submit your images simply PM me on the forum or on the site's Facebook page. Or post your images in this thread: http://justdubsonline.net/forum/threads/justdubs-drawing-event-2016.8409

And remember! Once the event is over we will continue accepting art from the community to fill our imagery section.