Pumpkin Carving Contest

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Join us in celebrating the season!

Join us in celebrating the season with a Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Here is how to participate:

1. Carve, paint, or craft an anime themed design on a pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe or similar fruit / vegetable. A foam or similar material pumpkin is also acceptable.
2. Take a picture of your entry with a slip of paper with the word "JustDubs" or "Dubtopia" in the picture. This will help verify the validity of your pumpkin.
3. Post your picture in this thread or PM me by 11:59 PM PST (-7 GMT) on October 29th
4. Entries will be judged by staff.

Rules and Regulations:

1. Entries without a slip of paper with the word "JustDubs" of "Dubtopia" in the picture will not be considered in the judging.
2. You may enter more than once but no more than five times.
3. Participants may be asked to verify the validity of their pumpkin. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

We will try and think of a prize for the winner if we are able to accommodate.​