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Quotation Qorner

“Memories? Pheh. Those just get in the way of living.”

― Yuuri, Girls’ Last Tour

Hello There! Just a quick introduction for the first Quotation Qorner post. This will be a weekly reflection on quotes from anime, movies, books and video games that I encounter. Feel free to send me some of your favorite quotes through DMs!

This quote is said by Yuuri as she and the other main character of the show, Chito, are discussing what the past civilization of the abandoned city was like. The setting of Girls’ Last Tour is a post-apocalypse, and the character seems to be implying that worrying about the past is a waste of time. Taking the quote out of context a bit, I would like to talk about how this line made me feel and relate it to my life.

As we make our way through life, we have plenty of experiences both good and bad. Our memories are part of what we use to define ourselves as the years pass. We can look back at a memory of a birthday or a holiday and remember being happy with family and loved ones. We also have a lot of bad memories to go along with the good, an argument with someone you care about, a mistake you feel embarrassed of, or a death of a pet or loved one. Memories both good and bad are important.

A problem I have, and I am trying to work on is dwelling on negative memories to the point that I ruin my day. Something that I handled badly, or a situation that makes me anxious aren’t bad to remember as I can sue them to help me do better, or differently, in the future. When I find my mind coming across some of these memories, I end up dwelling on them to the point of reliving them in a daydream. My time is wasted as I put myself back into the past and get myself worked up over things that I can no longer change.

After coming across this quote from Girls’ Last Tour, it’s given me a small tool to help myself stop dwelling on negative memories. We can’t forget bad things that happen to us, because of us, or just because life is that way sometimes. What can be done is to stop dwelling on things you can’t change, tell yourself that, “Bad memories just get in the way of the living,” and move forward in life.

Have you watched Girls” Last Tour? Was there a different quote from the show that you stopped to reflect on? Let me know if there was, or what you think of my interpretation of the quote.

Fare Well!