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Cross Ange English Dub Cast

Carli Mosier As Hilda

Sentai Filmworks announced with a video on Thursday that Carli Mosier will play Hilda in its dub of the CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon anime.

Sentai Filmworks previously announced Brittney Karbowski as Vivian and Kira Vincent-Davis as Salia.

The first half of Cross Ange is slated for release on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on June 21, and the second half is slated for August 23.

Sentai Filmworks describes the story:.

In a world where advanced magic known as Mana is used by all, those who lack this ability are considered societal outcasts known as Norma. When Princess Angelise Misurugi discovers that she herself is a Norma, her life of luxury is quickly turned into a living hell! Now, cast out from her homeland and sent to a secluded island, this kind-hearted princess will soon become a battle-hardened warrior whose determination will help her survive her battles against invaders from another dimension.

The Sunrise television anime premiered in Japan in October 2014, and Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired in Japan.​

Shōnen Maid's Dub Cast Revealed

English Broadcast

North American anime distributor Funimation announced the English broadcast dub cast for the Shōnen Maid anime on Friday. The first dubbed episode premiered on Friday at 8:30 p.m. ET.

The cast, under ADR director Caitlin Glass and ADR engineer Domonique French, includes:

Apphia Yu as Chihiro
Seth Magill as Madoka
Todd Haberkorn as Keiichiro
Michelle Rojas as Chiyo
Leah Clark as Miyako
Morgan Berry as Hino
Kristen McGuire as Amahara
Kate Oxley as Takei

Funimation describes the anime:.

After the loss of his mother, Chihiro is left alone. With no known family left, he has to find a way to move on. Things aren't looking good until a chance encounter with the young and handsome Madoka—who turns out to be his wealthy uncle! Madoka offers him his home and all Chihiro has to do is clean up after the messy, irresponsible man. The problem? This job requires a uniform—a maid outfit!

The anime debuted on April 7, and Funimation is already streaming the English-subtitled version.

Yusuke Yamamoto (Welcome to the NHK, Sgt. Frog, Aquarion Evol) is directing the series at studio 8-Bit. Yoshiko Nakamura (Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun, Super Lovers, Hiiro no Kakera - The Tamayori Princess Saga) is in charge of the series composition, and Kana Ishida (The irregular at magic high school, Aquarion Evol, Wakaba Girl) is adapting the character designs for animation. Tomohiro Yamada is composing the music.

Ototachibana's original Shōnen Maid manga inspired the anime adaptation. Ototachibana launched the series in Enterbrain's Comic B's-LOG magazine in the April 2008 issue, and Kadokawa published the ninth compiled volume this past April.​

Experience Robotech TV Series and Film

Crackle to Stream Robotech

Sony's video streaming service Crackle announced on Wednesday that it has acquired streaming rights to Harmony Gold's Robotech television series and the Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles feature film. Crackle will post all 85 episodes of the series and the film on May 15.

Crackle announced last month that it has launched seven new "multiplex channels," including one specifically for anime. The channels play like linear television when selected, but episodes are also available on demand.

The anime currently available on Crackle include: Wolverine, X-Men, Iron Man, Gurren Lagann, Magi, Fate/Zero,Occult Academy, R.O.D -The TV-, Blue Exorcist, Ghost Slayers Ayashi, Blood+, Kurozuka, Viper's Creed,Steamboy, Tekkonkinkreet, Ultraviolet: Code 044, Valkyria Chronicles, and Tokyo Godfathers.

Crackle streamed an introduction video for the television series.

Robotech was Harmony Gold's edited and rewritten 1985 adaptation of three separate anime science-fiction series: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, and Genesis Climber Mospeada. The 2006 Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles film was a US-produced sequel to the television series. Content Media is the current worldwide distributor for both the series and the film.

The Hollywood Reporter reported last June that James Wan had signed on to direct Sony's planned live-action Robotech film.​

Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary Manga to Debut

To Preview in Viz's Shonen Jump

Viz Media's digital anthology Weekly Shonen Jump announced on Monday that it will begin Kentarō Itani's Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary (Takuan to Batsu no Nichijō Enmachō) manga on May 16 as part of its "Jump Start" initiative. The manga will debut in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan on the same day.

The manga begins with carefree high school student named Takuan, who meets Batsu, daughter of Enma, the king of the underworld. His everyday life is upended in a bizarre comedy.

Itani first published the manga as a one-shot in the magazine last October, and again in March in the Shonen Jump Next!! magazine.

This will be Itani's debut serialized series. Before publishing the original one-shot, he also published another one-shot titled "Migimaki Jigoku Tantei Jimusho" (Clockwise Hell Detective Agency) on Shueisha's Jump Live app in 2013.

For its "Jump Start" initiative, Viz's Shonen Jump runs the first three chapters of almost every new Shonen Jump series. Viz will then let readers cast a vote for which "Jump Start" series Viz would add to the magazine's lineup.​

Gundam the Origin III: Dawn of Rebellion's, With English & Japanese Audio

1st 13 Minutes Streamed

The website posted the first 13 minutes of the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin anime's third episode, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin III Dawn of Rebellion (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin III Akatsuki no Hōki), on Tuesday. The video is available with the English dub, or with the Japanese audio and English, French, Korean, or Chinese subtitles.

The anime will screen in 15 theaters in Japan for two weeks starting on May 21, although the episode already screened at a special event in Yokohama on Sunday, May 8. A limited-edition version of the Blu-ray Disc will go on sale at the theaters screening the episode on May 21 in Japan, and on May 28 worldwide, and the standard Blu-ray Disc and DVD will ship in Japan on June 10.

The episode follows the youth who would become known as Char Aznable and his future comrade Garma Zabi after they join the Zeons' military academy.

The OVA's first episode, titled "Blue-Eyed Casval," premiered in a limited engagement in Japanese theaters in February 2015. The second episode, "Artesia's Sorrow," opened in Japan last October. Anime Consortium Japan is releasing the series digitally worldwide through a premium rental streaming program, and Right Stuf — in collaboration with Sunrise — is releasing the series on home video.

The anime project adapts Yoshikazu Yasuhiko's manga of the same name, which in turn is inspired by the first Mobile Suit Gundam anime's story.​

Attack on Titan: Junior High Manga

Teases Upcoming Ending

The June issue of Kodansha's Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine published a new chapter of Saki Nakagawa's Attack on Titan: Junior High spinoff manga on Monday along with a note that reads "In just a little bit... the final chapter!!" in the chapter's margin.

Nakagawa launched the comedy manga in Kodansha's Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine in April 2012. The manga re-imagines Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and other cast members from Hajime Isayama's original Attack on Titan manga as students and teachers at Titan Junior High School. Kodansha will release the 10th compiled volume in Japan in April.

Kodansha Comics is releasing the manga in English, and it published the fourth compiled volume in December.

The manga inspired a 12-episode anime adaptation that premiered in October, and Funimation streamed the series as it aired in Japan.​

Yona of the Dawn Manga Resumes

Starting May 20th

The official Twitter account of Hakusensha's Hana to Yume magazine announced on Sunday that Mizuho Kusanagi will resume her Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) manga in this year's 12th issue of the magazine on May 20.

Kusanagi had put the manga on hiatus following the Kumamoto earthquakes. Hana to Yume's editorial department confirmed that Kusanagi, who lives in Kumamoto, had not been injured.

Kusanagi explained on Twitter on April 21 that the manga would not appear in the 11th issue of Hana to Yume because, even though there was little damage from the first earthquake on April 14, she became unable to complete the manuscript due to the state of affairs after the second earthquake on April 16. She also said she would do her best to return to work quickly.

Kusanagi — the creator of Mugen Spiral, Game X Rush, and NG Life — launched the Akatsuki no Yona manga in 2009.

The series has inspired a 24-episode anime, a stage play, and original anime DVDs. Hakusensha released the 20th compiled volume of the manga in Japan on March 18. Viz Media licensed the manga, and it will ship the manga's first volume in North America on August 2.​

Ajin TV Anime Gets 2nd Season

Coming October

The wraparound jacket band on the eighth compiled book volume of Gamon Sakurai's Ajin: Demi-Human manga is revealing on Friday that the manga's television anime adaptation is getting a second season, which will premiere in October.

The first season premiered on January 15 and ran for 13 episodes. Netflix streamed new episodes in Japan three days after they premiered on Japanese television, and it began streaming the entire first season outside of Japan on April 12.

In the manga's story, an immortal first appeared on an African battlefield 17 years ago. Later, rare, unknown new immortal lifeforms began appearing among humans, and they became known as "Ajin" (demi-humans). Just before summer vacation, a Japanese high school student named Kei Nagai is instantly killed in a traffic accident on his way home from school. However, he is revived, and a price is placed on his head. Thus begins a boy's life on the run from all of humankind.

POLYGON PICTURES animated both the television anime, as well as the three-part anime film adaptation, and the TV anime and films also share main staff. The first film, titled Ajin: Shōdō, opened in Japan last November.

The second film, titled Ajin: Shōtotsu, will open in Japan for a three-week limited engagement on May 6-26. The third film, Ajin: Shōgeki (Ajin: Crash), will open in Japan on September 23.

A limited edition of the manga's eighth volume also is bundling an original anime DVD. A limited edition of the ninth volume will also bundle an OAD when it ships on October 7.

Yona of the Dawn Manga Goes on Indefinite Hiatus

Caused by Kumamoto Earthquakes

This year's 11th issue of Hakusensha's Hana to Yume magazine is announcing on Monday that Mizuho Kusanagi has put her Yona of the Dawn (Akatsuki no Yona) manga on hiatus due to the Kumamoto earthquakes. The manga will not run as scheduled in the 11th issue but will still adorn the cover.

Kusanagi lives in Kumamoto. Hana to Yume's editorial department confirmed that Kusanagi herself has not been injured.

The editorial department will further explain in the 11th issue that the manga's return to serialization will be dependent on Kusanagi's circumstances being put in order.

Kusanagi explained on Twitter last Friday that the manga would not appear in the 11th issue because, even though there was little enough damage from the first earthquake on April 14, she only became unable to complete the manuscript due to the state of affairs after the second earthquake on April 16. She also said she would do her best to return to work quickly.

Kusanagi — the creator of Mugen Spiral, Game X Rush, and NG Life — launched the Akatsuki no Yona manga in 2009. The series has inspired a 24-episode anime, a stage play, and original anime DVDs. Viz Media licensed the manga, and it will ship the manga's first volume in August.​

First Cross Ange English Dub Cast Member Revealed

Brittney Karbowski As Vivian

Sentai Filmworks announced with a video on Thursday that Brittney Karbowski will play VIvian in its dub of CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon. Karbowski is the first cast announcement for the series.

The first half of Cross Ange is slated for release on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on June 21.

Sentai Filmworks describes the story:.

Betrayed by her brother. Stripped of her birthright. Declared an abomination. For the girl once known as Princess Angelise Ikaruga Misurugi, the nightmare has just begun. Because not having the ability to use magic makes her less than human in the eyes of the law, and now she's been exiled to certain death as a slave soldier in a war against draconic invaders! But the people and land that cast her out have made a lethal error. The girl now known as Ange is no longer an innocent Princess being lead to rape and slaughter. She's learned the hidden truth about the world she thought she knew. She's discovered that she's willing to kill in order to survive. And they've given her a weapon.

The studio behind GUNDAM, ESCAFLOWNE, and COWBOY BEBOP unleashes a stunning new epic in animation as giant robots, a Princess, and dragons engage in the ultimate duel to the death in Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons!​

My Hero Academia's Dub Cast

Revealed by Funimation

North American anime distributor Funimation confirmed on Wednesday that it will provide an English broadcast dub for the My Hero Academia anime. Funimation revealed the main dub cast for the anime on its Dubbletalk program on Wednesday. The broadcast dub will premiere on May 4.

Justin Briner as Izuku Midoriya
Chris Sabat as All Might
Luci Christian as Ochaco Uraraka
Clifford Chapin as Katsuki Bakugō

The anime premiered on the MBS /TBS channel network's "Nichigo" timeslot on April 3, and airs every Sunday at 5:00 p.m. Funimation is streaming the series in Japanese with English subtitles in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Ireland as it airs in Japan.

Viz Media is publishing the manga, and it describes the story:.

What would the world be like if 80 percent of the population manifested superpowers called "Quirks" at age four? Heroes and villains would be battling it out everywhere! Being a hero would mean learning to use your power, but where would you go to study? The Hero Academy of course! But what would you do if you were one of the 20 percent who were born Quirkless?

Middle school student Izuku Midoriya wants to be a hero more than anything, but he hasn't got an ounce of power in him. With no chance of ever getting into the prestigious U.A. High School for budding heroes, his life is looking more and more like a dead end. Then an encounter with All Might, the greatest hero of them all, gives him a chance to change his destiny...

Harmony Film's Theatrical Dates

Announced By Funimation

North American anime distributor Funimation confirmed on Thursday that it will screen the Harmony film "in select theaters" on May 17 and 18. The film adapts the science fiction novel of the same name by the acclaimed late author Project Itoh.

Funimation is also streaming a teaser trailer for the film:

Funimatiion describes the story:.

In a future ruled by an unwavering dedication to good health, three high school girls led by the defiant Miach Mihie attempt suicide as the ultimate act of rebellion. Tuan Kirie survives, but can't shake the hatred she has for the “perfect world” she lives in.

Years later, a simultaneous mass suicide rocks the globe and sends society into a state of shock. A small group stands up to take credit for the event, claiming they've hijacked the consciousness of every person on the planet. Everything about the terrorists' message sounds too familiar to Tuan. She suspects her old friend Miach might be involved, but how could that be when she'd supposedly killed herself years earlier? Desperate for answers, Tuan launches an investigation that takes her across the globe chasing the ghost of her old friend. But what is Miach's end game? Will she finally wake the world from its monotonous slumber? Or, end it all for good?

English Cast:.

Jamie Marchi as Tuan Kirie
Monica Rial as Miach Mihie​

Harmony opened in Japan last November 13. Funimation will release the film and two more films based on Project Itoh novels — The Empire of Corpses and Genocidal Organ — in North America. Funimation will screen The Empire of Corpses in select theaters on April 19 and 20. However, Genocidal Organ has been delayed as its animation production shifted from the bankrupt Manglobe studio to the new Geno Studio.

Each novel film adaptation is from a different director and studio. Shukou Murase (Witch Hunter Robin, Gangsta., Ergo Proxy) is directing Genocidal Organ at formerly Manglobe (The Unlimited - Hyōbu Kyōsuke, House of Five Leaves) and now at Geno Studio, Takashi Nakamura (Fantastic Children) and Michael Arias (Tekkonkinkreet) directed Harmony at Studio 4°C (Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King, Tweeny Witches), and Ryoutarou Makihara directed The Empire of Corpses at WIT STUDIO (Attack on Titan, Hōzuki no Reitetsu). EGOIST (Psycho-Pass, Guilty Crown) is performing theme songs for all three films.​

Flying Witch Anime Licensed

Sentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks announced on Wednesday that it has licensed the anime of Chihiro Ishizuka's Flying Witch manga. The company plans to release the series digitally and on home video.

The series premiered on April 9 and Crunchyroll is streaming the series in several regions as it airs in Japan.

Katsushi Sakurabi (Gunparade March, Heaven's Memo Pad, Lunar Legend Tsukihime) is directing the anime at the studio J.C. Staff, and Deko Akao (Arakawa Under the Bridge, Noragami, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, Snow White with the Red Hair) is in charge of the series scripts. Masato Yasuno (episode animation director on Little Busters!, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) is designing the characters.

Crunchyroll describes the story:.

Aomori, Japan
In a land blessed by nature's bountiful beauty, bizarre things begin to take place. Makoto Kowata, 15 years old, is a professional witch. She left Yokohama with Chito, her black cat, to live in the house of her relatives in Aomori. This is where she begins to train as a witch.

Even though Makoto's powers are still limited to just flying through the sky, she and her second cousins Kei and Chinatsu surely make the most out of each and every day.​

Latest Berserk Promotional Video Streamed

English Subtitles

Media distribution service Crunchyroll began streaming the latest promotional video for the new television anime of Kentarou Miura's Berserk dark fantasy manga with English subtitles last Wednesday.

The video, which is the same as the one NBC Universal posted at the end of last month, features a quote in German from Aphorism 146 from Friedrich Nietzsche's Jenseits von Gut und Böse (Beyond Good and Evil) work. The same quote is spoken in Japanese in the video.

The video also previews the insert song "Hai yo" (Oh Ashes) by Susumu Hirasawa, and revealed that 9mm Parabellum Bullet will perform the show's opening theme song.
The anime will star:.

Hiroaki Iwanaga as Guts
Kaoru Mizuhara as Puck
Yōko Hikasa as Farnese
Kazuyuki Okitsu as Serpico
Hiro Shimono as Isidro
Hiroki Yasumoto as Azan
Toa Yukinari as Casca
Takahiro Sakurai as Griffith
Akio Ohtsuka as Skull Knight
Unshou Ishizuka as Narrator

Miura himself is serving as executive supervisor for the series. Shin Itagaki (Basquash!, Ben-To, Teekyū) is directing the anime. Makoto Fukami (Psycho-Pass, Ōsama-tachi no Viking, Yuruyuri San Hai!) is supervising the series scripts in collaboration with Takashi Yamashita (Cencoroll). Hisashi Abe (Pet Shop of Horrors, Gunslinger Girl, Chobits) is designing the characters. Shiro Sagisu (Berserk films, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Megazone 23) is composing the music. LIDEN FILMS is credited for production, while GEMBA and Millepensee are credited for animation production.

The anime will premiere in July, and it will air on the WOWOW channel and in MBS's "Animeism" programming block. Crunchyroll will stream the series as it airs.​

Toonami to Run Hunter x Hunter TV Anime April 16th

Adult Swim

A pre-show feature on the Adult Swim website, Toonami: Pre-flight, announced on Friday that the Toonami block will run the Hunter x Hunter television anime. The series will premiere on April 16.

Bang Zoom! Entertainment is producing the anime's English dub. North American anime and manga distributor Viz Media announced its dubcast for the 2011-2014 series in March.​


Erica Mendez as Gon Freecss ​
Cristina Vee as Killua Zoldyck​
Matthew Mercer as Leorio ​
Keith Silverstein as Hisoka ​
Erika Harlacher as Kurapika​

Viz Media announced in October that it licensed the series. The company plans to release the series on Blu-ray Disc and DVD.

The second television anime adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi's Hunter × Hunter manga premiered in Japan in 2011 and ran for 148 episodes. The final episode premiered in 2014.

Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired in Japan. The series retold the story of Togashi's original manga from the beginning. The story follows Gon Freecs as he strives to become a Hunter in order to find his father and to find the reason why his father abandoned him as a baby to become a Hunter.

Togashi launched the series in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1998, and Viz Media published the manga's 32nd volume in English in April 2014. Togashi is resuming his Hunter × Hunter manga with the Ankoku Tairiku (Dark Continent) arc. The manga has been on hiatus since August 2014. Viz Media confirmed in March that its digital edition of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will publish the return of series.

The manga also inspired a television series in 1999-2001, two anime films in 2013, and several OVAs. Viz Media released the original anime series on DVD.​