JustDubs Online is Now Open!

JustDubs is back in action!

Our switch to JustDubs Online is complete! We're taking our brand back and showing the online community why our site and brand we've painstakingly created is so heavily copied. We're mimicked by multiple other sites who are only out to make a profit from you. We at JustDubs have worked tirelessly for years to perfect your online anime experience.

Our site has over 1020 high quality anime with multiple hosts to stream from and a fully functioning download section all at your finger tips. Our forum and social community are vast, we regularly hold ongoing conversations, discussions and other fun events within our community. There is a social group on our forum for everyone! Whether you want to watch anime (we have three different clubs who watch together), read comic books, design art, roleplay or just play video games with a group of like-minded individuals; we have the club that's for you.

We take a completely different approach to other streaming sites who only offer a small list of shows to choose from and a nonexistent community. We pave the way for these other places trying to develop their sites by also having an active reviews team who accepts user submitted reviews on a regular basis. We post daily media and news articles to keep you entertained and well up to date with the anime world around you.

We're taking back the brand we've created and showing the online anime community why we are so heavily copied. You can't compare to the original!