JustDubs Online Download Section Now Members Only

Downloads Are for Members Only

The download section is now reopened to forum members only. In order to view the download section, please register an account.

Within the one day of the download section being locked we had a bunch of accounts registered and I had a few PMs from people asking what happened. I'm under the understanding that a partially working download section is better than a completely closed one.

Now over one week later we have had around 30 plus accounts registered, some openly posting and helping to boost activity.

So we will be doing a trial run to see how the forum activity goes as opposed to how much ad revenue is lost from making the download section members only.

The incentive for us being more forum accounts and hopefully ( but might not necessarily mean) more posts and activity. This will also drive away a portion of people who will basically be saying "Screw registering, Ill go somewhere else" and that was my problem at the time it was originally discussed as this is where we will lose money. But one person introduced themselves already so at this point I guess more forum members are more important than more money as more forum activity will eventually get us both activity and money. Not entirely sure but we'll see what the ad revenue looks like after the next payout.

I'm open to suggestions, comments or criticism about this. Please post below.

To register a forum account, please follow this link: http://justdubsonline.net/forum/register