Oh Japan

Sea Squirt Ale

I Don't Always Drink Beer, But When I Do..

If you're into seafood and beer, maybe you'll like this..

Yamauchi, a company specializing in seafood retail, have re-released their fishy brew from 2010: Hoya Ale.

The beer is made from an edible ascidian, or "sea squirt", called Halocynthia roretzi, known as Hoya, in Japan. Ascidians, which are soft-bodied, hermaphrodite filter feeders that can be found clinging to rocky surfaces, are often eaten raw in Korea and Japan. Their peculiar flavor is often described as being akin to eating rubber that has been dipped in ammonia.

Despite originally being released in 2010, Yamauchi had to stop production of the ale in 2011 when the town Minamisanriku, from which they sourced their hoya, was devastated during the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

Now, four years later, Hoya Ale is back, but only in a 3,000 bottle limited run, 1,000 of which have already sold.

Hoya Ale, which retails for 597 yen ($5.02 USD) per bottle, is described as having a smoky aroma with a clean finish. Still, reviews lament that the sea squirt flavor isn't stronger... for some reason.

Thirsty, yet?

Poop Flavored Curry

What's That Smell? It's Your Food

Some days I think I'm going to run out of material for these.. then I run across stuff like this and realize how unfounded my fears really are..

A new restaurant by the name of Curry Shop Shimizu has opened in Tokyo, Japan. Normally, a new curry shop wouldn't be a big deal. But, if you read the title of this article, you know where this is headed..

Chef Ken Shimizu, owner of Curry Shop Shimizu, set out to create a curry shop that specializes in feces flavored curry. Why? Simple: it wasn't being done elsewhere, and Curry Shop Shimizu wanted to be the world's first "something" in curry.

The flavors and consistency of this curry, Chef Shimizu says, comes from his years of experience in the adult film industry, under the name of Shimiken. His adult video roles total in the thousands and include such performances as T.A.B.U. Blonde Hair Girl’s Hi-School 2 and the award-winning Shimiken’s Private 7 F**K.

Apparently, being so prolific in this line of work, Chef Shimizu has had his share of run-ins with human waste, which he has brought to the culinary table in his curry recipes.

According to a press release, the curry gets its flavor from a combination of goya (bitter gourd) and senburi (swertia japonica) tea. The texture is achieved by blending cocoa powder and water in the correct proportions.

Not yet sold on this sh*ty proposition? Curry Shop Shimizu hopes to win over the more.. discerning customer with various amenities, including: a dart board, AV memorabilia, and all-you-can-drink complimentary senburi tea.

Curry Shop Shimizu's curry is served in toilet bowl-shaped dishes. And, if you can eat the largest one, you'll get a free sticker! ...A free sticker! ...Fine.

Personally, I've never tried curry. And, while I'd like to give it a try someday, I'm in no hurry to visit Curry Shop Shimizu. But, if you find yourself in the area, you can eat sh*t and rice.

Giant Walk-Through Butt

It's Educational! No, Really!

Find yourself sat around in Tokyo with nothing to do? Ever had the urge to walk through a giant butt? Well, my friend, you're in luck.

From now until Aug. 22, TV Tokyo is hosting a human biology-themed exhibit at Saitama Super Area in Tokyo.

The exhibit, named Karada no Fushigi Daibouken 2015, aims to provide kids with a larger-than-life learning experience to answer their questions about human anatomy, biology, and bodily functions.

Most notably, Karada no Fushigi Daibouken features a giant inflatable butt for visitors to walk through, anatomy-themed games, and giant mounds of poo for kids to climb on.

Conventional? No. Educational? Maybe. Weird? Definitely.

Solo Theater

Home Theater Goes Low-Tech

Don't you just hate watching Netflix without a box over your head?

If you're like Lucy Design House, the company behind your cardboard headgear, you realize the frustration that comes with having your viewing experience disturbed by light, noise, and not being surrounded by what is, mostly, your own exhalation.

The Solo Theater is made from lightweight, durable cardboard and is designed to be used with iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6, iPad Air, or iPad mini. Simply unfold, attach your phone or tablet, lie down, insert your head, and enjoy.

But that's not all! The Solo Theater also features air slits for breathing, holes through which to thread your headphones, and, in case you're lonely, a cardboard cut-out audience to keep you company.

Lucy Design House is currently running a crowdfunding campaign in order to garner support for and begin production of the product. Pledges of 2,520 yen ($20 USD) or more will receive their very own Solo Theater.

With 50 days remaining, the campaign has reached roughly 70% of its goal of 200,000 yen ($1,600 USD). So, if you just can't stand another day of using your TV for its intended purpose, chances are you can pitch in and receive your very own Solo Theater.

...What if I want a snack?

Cat Paw Selfie-Sticks

You're Kitten Me..

Not jumped on the selfie bandwagon yet? Selfie-sticks just not stylish enough? Fear not, my friend. Japan has an answer.

Whether you own (or are owned by) a cat or merely spend your days locked indoors vaguely near a computer with a broadband connection, chances are you've encountered a cat at some point in your life. Hell, the internet practically runs on the (adorable) furry ***holes.

Maybe you've petted their paw (or have a few scars from trying) and thought how wonderful it would be to take selfies with such a soft, furry appendage. Well, now you can.

Introducing the cat paw selfie-stick. This lovely product of human ingenuity (and absurdity) comes in black and white with a wired and wireless version. The wireless version retails for 3,480 yen ($28.10 USD) and the wired version, which plugs into your phone's headphone port, retails for 2,980 yen ($24.00 USD).

Squeeze the paw and this feline photo facilitator will activate the shutter and take your photo! Both versions of the selfie-stick measure 190 x 77 x 47mm and are compatible with smartphones, digital cameras, iPod, and iPhones (including the iPhone 6 Plus).

Nya, nyan, nyao.

Fast Food Gacha Toys

Would You Like An Apple Pie With That?

Spend your days hoping to find a small, naked woman in your next value meal? Well, wait no longer!

Introducing Moso Oneesan Hamburger Shop, or the Daydreaming Girl's Hamburger Shop.

This line of toys features the illustrations of manga artist Toshinao Aoki, come to carbonated, deep fried, and char-broiled life.

The five toys feature our daydreamer lying in a cheeseburger, sliding through a hot-dog bun, hanging out in an order of fries, and soaking in cola and melon soda.

Moso Oneesan Hamburger Shop comes as the second series to feature our food-residing daydreaming. Earlier this year we were introduced to her by a series of sushi-themed toys known as Moso Onesan no Sushiya-san, or the Daydreaming Girl's Sushi Restaurant.

Moso Oneesan Hamburger Shop goes on sale, in Japan, later this month, in all of her high-sodium glory.

Full-Body Mosquito Net Jumpsuits

Wondering What To Do With All of That Dignity You Have Lying Around?

Mosquitoes suck (pun intended) and most of us are familiar with products used to keep them at bay: bug zappers, audio repellant, and bug spray. If you're staying in particularly muggy areas or swampy environments, and have an issue with mosquitoes in your home as a result, you may be familiar with mosquito nets as a means of preventing mosquito bites during your sleep. But what if you could take the benefits of said net on the go?

Introducing the Netsmen wearable mosquito net, a full-body mosquito net jumpsuit that will keep you bite-free wherever you might go.

For 6,600 yen ($53 USD), the Netsmen jumpsuit will encase you head-to-toe in a mosquito-resistant barrier of polyester mesh. Still, Bibi Lab, the suit's creator, recommends spraying your Netsmen suit with bug spray, for extra effectiveness.

The suit features zippers for the hands, feet, head, and butt which will allow these areas of your body to feel the soft, gentle, mosquito-filled breeze against your mesh-free skin.

But worry not, my fashion-minded friends, the Netsmen also comes in three stylish colors: Heavenly Maiden Robe of Feathers (pink), Summertime Rain from the Azure Sky (blue), and Country Lodgings of the White Tiger (white).

So, what are you waiting for? Stop cowering indoors from the buzzing, blood-sucking menace outside your window, order a Netsmen jumpsuit, today and never fear being bitten by mosquitoes in public ever again (as they will, likely, be too embarrassed to be seen with you).

Robot Wedding

Domo Arigato, Mr. and Mrs. Roboto

While the United States was busy celebrating the monumental Supreme Court ruling, last week, Japan was busy celebrating its first ever robot wedding.

Frois, the 80's sci-fi groom, surrounded by robot friends and family married Yukirin, the human-esque bride modeled after Yuki Kashiwagi from the idol group AKB48, in Japan's first ever robot wedding.

There was cake, entertainment, more robots, a buffet, more cake and the couple even sealed the deal with a (human-assisted) kiss.

The artistic duo behind the happy couple is Maywa Denki, two brothers and self-described "parallel-world electricians". The brothers run an electronics outfit that electric nonsensical toys, musical instruments, and variety of other inventions.

Unfortunately for the happy couple, their marriage is not legally recognized in Japan. Robo-marriage may not be legally recognized under the stars and stripes or the rising sun, but, hey, at least same-sex couples can now legally marry in the U.S. Can't win 'em all, right?

Ramen Baths

Tired of Eating Your Ramen?

Love ramen? Love baths? Maybe you'll enjoy a ramen bath!

Yunessan Spa House in south-eastern Japan is now offering ramen baths for their clients.

The baths, consisting of pork broth and synthetic noodles, allegedly have a cosmetically beneficial effect on clients' skin. The effect is, supposedly, a result of collagen contained in the broth.

If you find yourself in Hakone, Japan anytime soon, maybe you take a dip in these over-sized ramen bowls and experience the high-sodium baths for yourself. As for me, I'll take my noodles sans people.

Halloween accessories

Spooky lashes

Hello everyone, its me again your lovable media mod Ella Serenity!! It's been a while since I have posted one of these articles. I have been a bit busy job searching. Real Life is a pain sometimes. Who all agrees??

Anyways for the month of October I'm gonna try to stick to a Halloween theme for my article. That is if I can find some good material to write about. But I usually always deliver. Before I get started would also like to suggest everyone check out the AMV's this month, have some awesome Halloween themed AMV's to come ;) . We also have some fun contests that are taking place as well, check them out. Show off your talent but most of all have fun. :)

Now back to the case in point, the article ;)
So upon searching for material to write my article today, I came across some Halloween lashes, and whats a good Halloween costume/ cosplay without Halloween themes lashes?
Yes you heard that right Halloween themed lashed. (this isn't just for girls, guys can wear them too, why not throw in some glow in the dark contacts to add to the spookiness)

Daiso, a discount store in Japan, where everything is 100yen (US 1.00) is selling an impressive variety of Halloween lashes. Some featuring cobwebs, haunted houses, swirly stars, some with feathers, some are various colors from black, to orange, black and orange, pinks, black and pinks, and soo much more.

"Darn if only I lived in Japan... Soon, very soon....Japan better prepare for my arrival**insert evil laughter**"
"Lol had to have a little fun. But seriously I would purchase a few of these, maybe just to do photos with since I like to cosplay a bit myself"

But fret not for those who are unable to go to Japan to do a little shopping. You can find the same lashes online. After doing a little research I found a nice site where you can order some of the same lashes for about .50 cents more with S&H.

So guys and gals, How many of you would purchase this accessory to add to your costume?

*Raises hand**
"I would I would"

Or do you think its a waste or time and money and would prefer to put that money towards something else?

Whatever your preference if you decide to purchase said lashes and would like to share a photo of you wearing them. Please feel free to post an image in the forum of your Halloween lashes. We would like to see how you would wear them. Whether with crazy scary contacts, a wicked costume, or even just showing off your eye with a set of lashes.

Until next time readers. Ta Ta for now

~Miss Elegent Serenity