Cat Paw Selfie-Sticks

You're Kitten Me..

Not jumped on the selfie bandwagon yet? Selfie-sticks just not stylish enough? Fear not, my friend. Japan has an answer.

Whether you own (or are owned by) a cat or merely spend your days locked indoors vaguely near a computer with a broadband connection, chances are you've encountered a cat at some point in your life. Hell, the internet practically runs on the (adorable) furry ***holes.

Maybe you've petted their paw (or have a few scars from trying) and thought how wonderful it would be to take selfies with such a soft, furry appendage. Well, now you can.

Introducing the cat paw selfie-stick. This lovely product of human ingenuity (and absurdity) comes in black and white with a wired and wireless version. The wireless version retails for 3,480 yen ($28.10 USD) and the wired version, which plugs into your phone's headphone port, retails for 2,980 yen ($24.00 USD).

Squeeze the paw and this feline photo facilitator will activate the shutter and take your photo! Both versions of the selfie-stick measure 190 x 77 x 47mm and are compatible with smartphones, digital cameras, iPod, and iPhones (including the iPhone 6 Plus).

Nya, nyan, nyao.