Fast Food Gacha Toys

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Would You Like An Apple Pie With That?

Spend your days hoping to find a small, naked woman in your next value meal? Well, wait no longer!

Introducing Moso Oneesan Hamburger Shop, or the Daydreaming Girl's Hamburger Shop.

This line of toys features the illustrations of manga artist Toshinao Aoki, come to carbonated, deep fried, and char-broiled life.

The five toys feature our daydreamer lying in a cheeseburger, sliding through a hot-dog bun, hanging out in an order of fries, and soaking in cola and melon soda.

Moso Oneesan Hamburger Shop comes as the second series to feature our food-residing daydreaming. Earlier this year we were introduced to her by a series of sushi-themed toys known as Moso Onesan no Sushiya-san, or the Daydreaming Girl's Sushi Restaurant.

Moso Oneesan Hamburger Shop goes on sale, in Japan, later this month, in all of her high-sodium glory.