Full-Body Mosquito Net Jumpsuits

Wondering What To Do With All of That Dignity You Have Lying Around?

Mosquitoes suck (pun intended) and most of us are familiar with products used to keep them at bay: bug zappers, audio repellant, and bug spray. If you're staying in particularly muggy areas or swampy environments, and have an issue with mosquitoes in your home as a result, you may be familiar with mosquito nets as a means of preventing mosquito bites during your sleep. But what if you could take the benefits of said net on the go?

Introducing the Netsmen wearable mosquito net, a full-body mosquito net jumpsuit that will keep you bite-free wherever you might go.

For 6,600 yen ($53 USD), the Netsmen jumpsuit will encase you head-to-toe in a mosquito-resistant barrier of polyester mesh. Still, Bibi Lab, the suit's creator, recommends spraying your Netsmen suit with bug spray, for extra effectiveness.

The suit features zippers for the hands, feet, head, and butt which will allow these areas of your body to feel the soft, gentle, mosquito-filled breeze against your mesh-free skin.

But worry not, my fashion-minded friends, the Netsmen also comes in three stylish colors: Heavenly Maiden Robe of Feathers (pink), Summertime Rain from the Azure Sky (blue), and Country Lodgings of the White Tiger (white).

So, what are you waiting for? Stop cowering indoors from the buzzing, blood-sucking menace outside your window, order a Netsmen jumpsuit, today and never fear being bitten by mosquitoes in public ever again (as they will, likely, be too embarrassed to be seen with you).