Poop Flavored Curry

What's That Smell? It's Your Food

Some days I think I'm going to run out of material for these.. then I run across stuff like this and realize how unfounded my fears really are..

A new restaurant by the name of Curry Shop Shimizu has opened in Tokyo, Japan. Normally, a new curry shop wouldn't be a big deal. But, if you read the title of this article, you know where this is headed..

Chef Ken Shimizu, owner of Curry Shop Shimizu, set out to create a curry shop that specializes in feces flavored curry. Why? Simple: it wasn't being done elsewhere, and Curry Shop Shimizu wanted to be the world's first "something" in curry.

The flavors and consistency of this curry, Chef Shimizu says, comes from his years of experience in the adult film industry, under the name of Shimiken. His adult video roles total in the thousands and include such performances as T.A.B.U. Blonde Hair Girl’s Hi-School 2 and the award-winning Shimiken’s Private 7 F**K.

Apparently, being so prolific in this line of work, Chef Shimizu has had his share of run-ins with human waste, which he has brought to the culinary table in his curry recipes.

According to a press release, the curry gets its flavor from a combination of goya (bitter gourd) and senburi (swertia japonica) tea. The texture is achieved by blending cocoa powder and water in the correct proportions.

Not yet sold on this sh*ty proposition? Curry Shop Shimizu hopes to win over the more.. discerning customer with various amenities, including: a dart board, AV memorabilia, and all-you-can-drink complimentary senburi tea.

Curry Shop Shimizu's curry is served in toilet bowl-shaped dishes. And, if you can eat the largest one, you'll get a free sticker! ...A free sticker! ...Fine.

Personally, I've never tried curry. And, while I'd like to give it a try someday, I'm in no hurry to visit Curry Shop Shimizu. But, if you find yourself in the area, you can eat sh*t and rice.