Solo Theater

Home Theater Goes Low-Tech

Don't you just hate watching Netflix without a box over your head?

If you're like Lucy Design House, the company behind your cardboard headgear, you realize the frustration that comes with having your viewing experience disturbed by light, noise, and not being surrounded by what is, mostly, your own exhalation.

The Solo Theater is made from lightweight, durable cardboard and is designed to be used with iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6, iPad Air, or iPad mini. Simply unfold, attach your phone or tablet, lie down, insert your head, and enjoy.

But that's not all! The Solo Theater also features air slits for breathing, holes through which to thread your headphones, and, in case you're lonely, a cardboard cut-out audience to keep you company.

Lucy Design House is currently running a crowdfunding campaign in order to garner support for and begin production of the product. Pledges of 2,520 yen ($20 USD) or more will receive their very own Solo Theater.

With 50 days remaining, the campaign has reached roughly 70% of its goal of 200,000 yen ($1,600 USD). So, if you just can't stand another day of using your TV for its intended purpose, chances are you can pitch in and receive your very own Solo Theater.

...What if I want a snack?