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  • 12Jun


    The series follows Retsuko, a red panda office worker who unleashes her frustrations with life via death metal karaoke.

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  • 09Jun

    Future Card Buddyfight X: All-Star Fight

    The fifth season of Future Card Buddyfight.

  • 07Jun

    Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory -...

    Kaname narrates a recap of events from the first four episodes.

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  • 06Jun

    FLCL Progressive

    In the new season of FLCL, many years have passed since Naota and Haruhara Haruko shared their adventure together. Meanwhile, the war between the two entities known... Read More

  • 06Jun

    Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 4: Loss

    First there was Meicoomon's rampage, and then the reboot ended up happening. Taichi and friends left Meiko behind in her anguish, and headed for the Digital World.... Read More

  • 27May

    Cardfight!! Vanguard (2018)

    Cardfight!! Vanguard - a TV anime that is part of the card battle mixed media franchised developed by Akira Ito, Bushiroad, and Kadokawa - is returning to Japanese TV... Read More

  • 23May

    Sword Oratoria: Is it Wrong to Try to...

    After having descended upon this world, the gods have created guilds where adventurers can test their mettle. These guilds, known as "familia," grant adventurers the... Read More

  • 18May

    Hakyu Hoshin Engi Recap

    Recap episode of Hakyu Hoshin Engi.

  • 13May

    Batman Ninja

    Batman Ninja takes a journey across the ages as Gorilla Grodd's time displacement machine transports many of Batman's worst enemies to feudal Japan—along with the... Read More

  • 13May

    Flowering Heart

    A special magical story of an ordinary girl! Ari is a fifth grade student who transform into adult with a variety of magical powers to solve problems of everyday life... Read More

  • 13May

    Star Blazers 2202

    It is the year 2202, three Years after the war with Gamillas, the people in the Solar System are finally at peace once again and the Earth has been restored back to... Read More

  • 13May

    Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

    When Subaru Natsuki leaves the convenience store, the last thing he expects is to be wrenched from his everyday life and dropped into a fantasy world. Things aren't... Read More

  • 13May

    Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

    The story picks up after The Second Raid as Amalgam's fight against Mithril heats up.

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  • 13May

    Haikyu!! 2nd Season

    Following their participation at the Inter-High, the Karasuno High School volleyball team attempts to refocus their efforts, aiming to conquer the Spring tournament... Read More

  • 13May

    High School DxD Hero

    Fourth season of High School DxD.

  • 13May

    High School DxD Hero: Taiikukan-ura no...

    Alternative version of the final four episodes of High School DxD BorN.

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  • 13May

    Steins;Gate 0

    The dark untold story of Steins;Gate that leads with the eccentric mad scientist Okabe, struggling to recover from a failed attempt at rescuing Kurisu. He decides to... Read More

  • 13May

    Golden Kamuy

    In Hokkaido, the far northern lands of Japan, Sugimoto survived the Russo-Japanese war of the Meiji era. Nicknamed "Sugimoto the Immortal" during the war, he now... Read More

  • 13May

    Dances with the Dragons

    The series takes place in an alternate world, staged mostly in the city of Eridana, whose territory is half in the Tseberun Dragon Empire, and half in the Lapetodes... Read More

  • 13May


    One night, a strange object falls on the head of Nitta, a member of the yakuza. Inside the box is a strange young girl named Hina. She has tremendous supernatural... Read More

  • 13May

    Dorei-ku The Animation

    What if you could enslave anyone you ever wanted? Well, this comes close. The SCM lets you enslave anyone who is also wearing an SCM, at a price. One must win over... Read More

  • 13May

    Devils Line

    Anzai, half vampire, and Tsukasa, a normal school girl. Vampires seem to be living among humans. Of course the government does not know of their existence, because... Read More

  • 01May

    The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The...

    In humanity's distant future, two interstellar states—the monarchic Galactic Empire and the democratic Free Planets Alliance—are embroiled in a never-ending war.

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  • 20Apr

    Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for...

    Female college student Aoi inherited her deceased grandfather's ability to see ayakashi. One day, while Aoi is feeding some ayakashi, a demon appears! He declares... Read More

  • 20Apr

    Interviews With Monster Girls: The Demi...

    During summer break, Tetsuo asks Sakie to join him on patrol duty for the local summer festival, which both the demis and Himari and her friends go to. As each group... Read More

  • 20Apr

    Is It Wrong to Expect a Hot Spring in a...

    On their way back from the 18th floor, Hestia, Bell and the others accidentally uncover a hidden, mystical hot spring, and they decide to stop by to refresh... Read More

  • 19Apr

    Space Battleship Tiramisu

    The human race extended its life field and greed to the vast reaches of space... In Space Era 0156, a war breaks out amidst all of the colonies in space. Earth begins... Read More

  • 17Apr

    Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko Recap

    A summary of the first 12 episodes of Katana Maidens: Toji no Miko.

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  • 13Apr

    Super Street Fighter IV

    This OVA will reveal the truth about Juri's evil eye and feature plenty of Cammy and the Dolls.

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  • 12Apr

    Dirty Pair Flash 3

    Sexy super agents Kei and Yuri find themselves in serious trouble when they attempt to track down Kei's godson and cross paths with a killer ski patrol. This... Read More