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Welcome, Vashnik!

Welcome to our JustAnimeForum Admin!

With Kiri gone we needed a new person to help with the forum. Vashnik has not only been with us since but he has proven to be knowledgeable and experienced in this field.

Welcome, @Vashnik you are now officially our JustAnimeForum admin. So what does this mean?

We expect our staff to behave in a professional manner and serve as role models to the rest of the community. You will need to read through the Staff Policy sign-off form which is located in the JAN staff section and fill out the emergency contact info. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Your responsibilities are as follows.

* Keeping forum version up to date
* Managing, updating and installing plugins
* Creating rules and regulations to improve forum ethics and policies
* Responding to and resolving forum usability issues
* Directing Moderators to optimize organization and workflow
* Same responsibilities as Forum Moderator

Clicksor Ads

New Ad Host

We're trying out a new ad host and so far it's not making nearly as much as our old one. Unfortunately we can not use adsense on anything but the forum so we will be bouncing around on different ad hosts until we can find another good one. If you see any adverse effects from the ads, (malicious popups, popunders, new windows opening) let us know.

2016 Site Awards Winners

Here are the Winners!

Member of the Year
Gold: Laximus
Silver: Kiri
Bronze: Kaede

Most Helpful Staff Member
Gold: Miss Elegent Serenity
Silver: Laximus
Bronze: Supernatural-Knight

Funniest Member
Gold: Cpt_K3nny
Silver: Doomguy
Bronze: Noobs

Best Creative Writer
Gold: Doomguy
Silver: Dungeon Master
Bronze: Miss Elegent Serenity

Best Reviewer
Gold: Timekeeper
Silver: Shogun13
Bronze: Lince

That's just a few, see all of the winners here:

Black Friday Sales!

Save Now On New Items!

We've added a lot of new items to our store just in time for Black Friday!

From now until November 28th everything in the store will be 15% off plus Free Shipping! Just enter the product code "2016OMG" or activate the deal in our store at the top of the screen.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy turkey day Americans!

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at the JustAnime Network!

JustAnime Halloween Omega Thread

Check Out Everything We're Doing This Month!

The link below is a thread in development for the month of October. It will contain everything we are doing for Halloween and will serve as a way to organize everything in one spot. There's going to be a lot so be sure to check back throughout the month.

Changes to Justdubs Theme

Finally being updated!

Hello! Currently the site is slowly undergoing a theme change. Some parts of the site may still use the old theme while those pages are being worked on with the new theme. We will try to minimize any downtime (if any) during this process. Currently the theme has been an ongoing process for several months now. Hopefully you enjoy it a lot more than the prior theme that we have been using. This one is to make the site feel more professional but also to be a nice base theme for future features we can think up and implement to enhance the site's user experience.

Feedback Survey Theme thread on forum
Feel free to take the feedback survey with any suggestions, complaints, or comments regarding to the site's theme.

Scheduled Downtime 3-15-16

Tuesday March 15th.

We will be experiencing scheduled downtime on March 15th. During this process we will be switching domains. Our staff will be working hard before and after our move to ensure things are working at 100% Once the move is complete there will be redirects in place to ensure you don't get lost.

@Kiri is spear-heading this move and will post an update with specific times when we get closer to Tuesday. Staff will keep members updated about the progress of our move on our Facebook page:

Thank you all for your patience while we continue to improve your JustDubs experience.If you would like to read more about why we are moving click here:

Appear on the JustDubs Podcast!

Want to appear on our Podcast?

Want to be a part of our podcast? Post here!

We're always looking for new people with something informative to say about anime! Nows your chance to get involved with the JustDubs Online podcast! Don't miss this opportunity to share your opinion with our entire community!

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Deals Continue All Week!

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Cyber Monday Deals

Our Cyber Monday Deals Last All Week Long!

Our Cyber Monday deals last all week long. Check back each day for new merchandise.

Today, get our first ever JustDubs long sleeve shirts. And our brand new zip-up hoodies. There's two of each to choose from.

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Black Friday Sales

Sales Last All Weekend!

Black Friday deals last all weekend! For free standard shipping on 2 or more items use coupon code: 2GIFTS
Visit our merch shop now!

Happy Thanksgiving!

From All Of Us At JustDubs

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at JustDubs! May your day be filled with family, friends and good food!

Ad Redirects

Adhost Issue

We are aware of the current situation where some members have been experiencing occasional redirects through our ad service. We are actively working to resolve this issue. We have determined that both ad styles were causing the redirects. The ads on the forum and website are currently disabled. I'm waiting on a response from their support team now. I'm assuming because of the holidays they might be a little slow to respond.

Thanks you for your patience while we continue to improve your JustDubs Online experience.

JDO Field Trip: Vampire Café

A far cry from the milieu of Ginza!

A far cry from the sunny, commercial milieu of Ginza, the Vampire Café begs customers to enter a Gothic paradise, aptly blending tourist kitsch with the decor of Dracula's VIP room. Covered wall to wall with red velvet, and carefully decorated with a delicate touch of morbid flair, waiters take orders in snappy tuxedos and waitresses in French maid outfits glide across the red floor covered in red blood cells. From the decor to the dishes, every last detail is crafted to create a vast and eerie dining landscape.

While sitting at red-covered thrones, diners can sip a dark red aperitif garnished with tiny skulls. The light from candles atop coffins flicker with a supernatural aura powerful enough to make Bram Stoker work up an appetite for more blood-soaked treats as baroque music drones through the dim restaurant. The atmosphere is enough to make patrons forget the lively world of flagship stores and luxury shopping just seven floors below them and sink in their teeth.

Oh, Japan! Yakuza Trick-Or-Treat

The popularity of Halloween in Japan has increased!

In recent years, the popularity of Halloween in Japan has increased. And, as such, Japan's largest crime organization, the Yamaguchi-gumi, have decided to get in on the action.

Each year, these yakuza hand out huge bags of candy to local children, at their headquarters in Kobe, on Halloween night. And, despite the less savory side of this organization, it's hard to deny the joy that this event has brought to local kids and families.

But, this year the locals may be disappointed to find that Yamaguchi-gumi has cancelled their annual Halloween event for this year. Stating that: “Unfortunately, due to various circumstances our annual Halloween event is cancelled this year. We are looking forward to next year, when we hope to be able to run the event again. -Yamaguchi-gumi”

While the Yamaguchi-gumi have not given a specific cause for the cancellation of the event, local police speculate that it is due to secession of several branches from the main organization, thus leading to an increased risk in inter-gang violence.

It's a bit odd to see mafia getting into the Halloween spirit. But, hey. Free candy, right?

JustDubs Social Media

Like Us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter!

Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Stay up to date with our social media outlets. We post lots of stuff on our pages from anime news, media, memes, funny images and much, much more. Follow us everywhere we post!

JustDubs 2015 Survey Results

You Answered, We Listened!

The JustDubs Online survey results are back and we're going to publicly address the results!

We let the survey run for over one month and it gathered, in some areas, over 550 respondents! The information gathered will allow us to improve upon your JustDubs Online experience.

Click here to view the full results:

JustDubs Online Server Feedback!

Tell Us What You Think!

As a lot of you already know we've been long overdue for a server upgrade. I am proud to say that we have upgraded to a dedicated server! This will help fix things like the max connections error we've been getting for the last month and a half. Enjoy your stay on our new, more powerful server.

Click here here for more info:

July - August Anime Downloads

Public Downloads Through August 31st

Tired of logging into your JD forum account in order to use our download section? Or maybe you're a new member who has been wondering what our download section is like? Well, good news anime fans! From now until August 31st our download section is completely open to the public!

Our download section is not complete but there's bound to be something that interests you out of our over 1,100 anime!

JustDubs Online Merch Shop Deals!

Deals Good Until February 2nd!

I have a free coupon code to the first person who uses it. It's a one time use only so it's available to the first person who uses it.

Free standard shipping on 2 or more items.
Expires: 30 days
Coupon Code: SEG7US6XDQC

And for everyone else, free shipping for orders of $ 30 or more

Offer valid January 29th – February 2nd, 2015
Coupon Code: LOVE15
Cannot be combined with other discounts or coupons codes

JustDubs Online Download Section Now Members Only

Downloads Are for Members Only

The download section is now reopened to forum members only. In order to view the download section, please register an account.

Within the one day of the download section being locked we had a bunch of accounts registered and I had a few PMs from people asking what happened. I'm under the understanding that a partially working download section is better than a completely closed one.

Now over one week later we have had around 30 plus accounts registered, some openly posting and helping to boost activity.

So we will be doing a trial run to see how the forum activity goes as opposed to how much ad revenue is lost from making the download section members only.

The incentive for us being more forum accounts and hopefully ( but might not necessarily mean) more posts and activity. This will also drive away a portion of people who will basically be saying "Screw registering, Ill go somewhere else" and that was my problem at the time it was originally discussed as this is where we will lose money. But one person introduced themselves already so at this point I guess more forum members are more important than more money as more forum activity will eventually get us both activity and money. Not entirely sure but we'll see what the ad revenue looks like after the next payout.

I'm open to suggestions, comments or criticism about this. Please post below.

To register a forum account, please follow this link:

JustDubs Online Merchandise Shop

A Merch Shop for JustDubs Online Community!
The updated merch shop is done. We have all new designs done. We have men's and women's versions for every T-Shirt design. As well as men's, women's and kid's (for some) designs for all of our hoodies. We also have full color mugs, pillowcases, bandanas, dog bandanas, buttons, water bottles, mouse pads and coasters. Check it out today!

JustDubs Online Forums

Join Our Forums Today!

Did you watch an anime series that you really like? We have a large amazing community ready to discuss it with you! Into graphic design or gaming? Our gaming and graphics portion of the community has exploded as of late. If you're looking for a great community to join then look no further!

JustDubs Online Oh, Japan

New Media Mods, More Posts!

We have a couple staff changes and two new media moderators! Please welcome Keiichi-Morisato and Heizengard to the media team! We will be having some new regular media topics added to the site to commemorate this so be sure to keep an eye out for the new additions!

JustDubs Online New Year's 2015

New Year, New Stuff To Do!

It's New Year's on JustDubs and that means a brand new year on the site that you love! This means we'll be having more fun events, this time for some actual prizes, having the staff expanding their duties a bit so everyone is fully active and participating in keeping the site moving along. We'll also be doing more fun games for everyone to participate in. There will also be some big changes happening in a few months as we start revamping our site again. Keep an ear out for everything we'll be doing this year!

JustDubs Online YouTube Channel

JustDubs Youtube

We're in the process of finishing the new YT channel for our site. Made it look aesthetically pleasing and functional. Also ripped and uploaded any videos from the DTR, and community club YT channels.

We are actively accepting content for our YT channel so if you have anything to contribute please post your YT channel, the video or a link to the content itself.

We are accepting things like:

Reviews of anime, manga and video games
Unboxing videos of relevant items
Videos of club activities

And anything else you can think of to include. Our channel and vicariously our community is ever-growing. Help contribute to our Youtube channel today!

JustDubs Online is Now Open!

JustDubs is back in action!

Our switch to JustDubs Online is complete! We're taking our brand back and showing the online community why our site and brand we've painstakingly created is so heavily copied. We're mimicked by multiple other sites who are only out to make a profit from you. We at JustDubs have worked tirelessly for years to perfect your online anime experience.

Our site has over 1020 high quality anime with multiple hosts to stream from and a fully functioning download section all at your finger tips. Our forum and social community are vast, we regularly hold ongoing conversations, discussions and other fun events within our community. There is a social group on our forum for everyone! Whether you want to watch anime (we have three different clubs who watch together), read comic books, design art, roleplay or just play video games with a group of like-minded individuals; we have the club that's for you.

We take a completely different approach to other streaming sites who only offer a small list of shows to choose from and a nonexistent community. We pave the way for these other places trying to develop their sites by also having an active reviews team who accepts user submitted reviews on a regular basis. We post daily media and news articles to keep you entertained and well up to date with the anime world around you.

We're taking back the brand we've created and showing the online anime community why we are so heavily copied. You can't compare to the original!

Visit Our Merchandise Shop!

Our merchandise shop is up and ready to go!

The JustDubs merchandise shop is up and running! So far we only have 9 shirts to choose from but expect there to be dozens of items with multiple different designs for each mascot soon. Each shirt is only $19.90 and that INCLUDES shipping!

From now until October 14th enjoy $5 off any order of $30 or more. That's $5 off when you buy two shirts with us! Just enter the promo code "NINA5" when you're checking out. Help support our site and show your love for it at the same time! A percentage of every item sold goes to funding our community!

Our New Mascot

Introducing our new mascot, Midori

Introducing Dubtopia's newest mascot, Midori. For those of you who were active on the Just Anime Network and remember the mascot from Just Reviews then she won't be new for you. She was our mascot for JR who was used briefly though a name was never decided. After holding a small poll the community has voted and named her Midori. She will be featured in a couple images relating to the upcoming reviews section and styled around the review pages once they're complete. She is the cousin of Kami and Arisu the three symbolizing the family aspect of our community.

Within the next month we will hold an event to determine her back story.

Content Managers Wanted

We are currently looking for one, maybe two Content Managers

Do you love our community? Do you have a passion for anime? Do you have a strong desire to make this the best dubbed anime website online? Then you may be who we are looking for. We are currently looking for one, maybe two content managers to help add, fix and manage anime series / movies / specials. We are currently an uploading team of 6 people. With Rodrule gone and the recent Videoslasher closure we are very busy mostly dedicating our time now to the VS fixes. Thus we find ourselves in need of extra people to help with adding new releases and possibly assisting in remote URL uploading the VS fixes.

Content Manager - Key Responsibilities:

- Upload new anime series, movies and specials
- Fix broken anime episodes/series.
- Managing reported content
- Managing Requests
- Occasionally providing fixes for volunteer submissions

Required Experience:

- Very basic HTML or willing to learn basic HTML.
- Good communication skills.
- Great work ethic.

Additional Information:

- Experience a plus, maturity a must.
- VOLUNTEER WORK. All positions are unpaid.
- All content managers should have a good internet connection.
- Available at least 10-14 hours a week online.
- Must have a hdd large enough to fill a few dozen series and keep them for later fixes.

How to Apply:

If you are interested please send me an PM with the position you are applying for (Content Manager) as the subject.

If you have previous experience please list that in the PM with examples of previous work if possible. Being an active presence in the community’s forum is a huge bonus, although it is not required. Please include whether or not you have uploaded videos in the past. Please include any computer skills that set you apart from another applicant (ie. experience in video editing, rendering and encoding etc.)

Applications will remain open until we fill the positions.