New Series and Movies

  • 18Sep

    Free! Starting Days

    A prequel to the 2013 Kyoto Animation series Free! which is an adaptation of light novel High☆Speed!... Read More
  • 14Sep

    Would you love a pervert as long as...

    A high school student whose year of not having a girlfriend is his age, Keiki Kiryuu, suddenly received a love letter. He is happy he can finally have a girlfriend, but... Read More
  • 12Sep

    Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

    A diminutive pink creature orbiting in space called "Kirby" crash lands into Dream Land.

    ... Read More
  • 10Sep

    Record of Grancrest War

    The continent of Atlatan once again finds itself devoured by the flames of war after a horrific event known as the Great Hall Tragedy.... Read More
  • 09Sep

    Alice in Wonderland

    A retelling of Lewis Carroll's classic tale of the young girl Alice, who follows a white rabbit into a hole, only to find herself in Wonderland, where she meets many... Read More

  • 09Sep

    Ah! My Goddess: The Adventures of Mini-...

    A large collection consisting of the adventures of the Goddesses featured in the anime and manga series Ah My Goddess. Parodies of other works, and a large number of... Read More

  • 09Sep

    Aggretsuko Special: We Wish You a...

    Red panda Retsuko, worked to the bone, unleashes her frustration in the form of death metal. Lately, though, she's found another joy—getting the most likes possible... Read More

  • 09Sep

    Aggretsuko Season 2

    Second Season of Aggressive Retsuko.

  • 09Sep

    Cells at Work!

    Inside the human body, roughly 37.2 trillion cells work energetically 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Fresh out of training, the cheerful and somewhat airheaded Red... Read More
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