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    Let's Play Flamming Pumpkin

    Join The Fun!

    We are having another Flaming Pumpkin Game!

    tl;dr version: Post below if you want to join October's asylum game. It's a lot like hot potato.

    This will be a variation on a previous forum game hot potato. When the game is started the pumpkin will be passed to a random player by tagging them and posting a picture of a pumpkin. At random points throughout the day the person running the game will post "Stop" and the last person holding the pumpkin is eliminated. In order to be successful in this game you'll have to be able to login and respond to notifications more quickly than others to avoid being eliminated.

    Click here for more info and to join: https://justanimeforum.net/threads/lets-...

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    Castle Town Dandelion English Dub Trailer

    Streamed by Funimation

    FUNimation Entertainment began streaming an English-dubbed trailer for its home video release of the Castle Town Dandelion (Jōkamachi no Dandelion) television anime on Tuesday.

    The cast, under ADR director Clifford Chapin, includes:

    Bryn Apprill as Akane Sakurada
    Tia Ballard as Aoi Sakurada
    Ricco Fajardo as Shu Sakurada
    Michelle Rojas as Kanade Sakurada
    Josh Grelle as Haruka Sakurada
    Jad Saxton as Misaki Sakurada
    Sarah Wiedenheft as Hikari Sakurada
    Jeannie Tirado as Teru Sakurada
    Kristin Sutton as Shiori Sakurada
    Phil Parsons as Soichiro Sakurada
    Stephanie Young as Satsuki Sakurada
    Jill Harris as Hana...

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    Caption This! #79

    Caption This!

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    Berserk Manga Goes on Hiatus

    Hiatus Last Until Early 2017

    This year's 19th issue of Hakusensha's Young Animal magazine is announcing on Friday that Kentarou Miura's Berserk manga will go on hiatus until early 2017. The manga had just returned as a monthly series in June from an earlier hiatus.

    The manga follows Guts, a superhumanly strong warrior who wields a large sword, as he wanders a dark medieval world filled with demons, corrupt and decadent nobles, and other horrors. Every night, he is assailed by demons, attracted to the curse branded on him after a traumatic event. He makes his way through the world on a quest to slay a former friend turned demon, who took everything away from him.

    Berserk's previous return on June 24 coincided with the release of the manga's 38th volume (seen right)....

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    Death Parade English Dub

    Video Preview by Funimation

    Funimation will release series in standard, limited edition BD/DVD combo packs on November 29.

    Funimation began streaming an English-dubbed trailer for the Death Parade television anime on Tuesday. The video previews scenes from the anime, and teases Funimation's limited edition release for the anime.

    Funimation will release the series on a Blu-ray Disc and DVD combo pack. While the video does not list the home video release's shipping date, Funimation's official website lists the release of both the standard and limited edition for November 29.

    Funimation describes the...